Stacking Yard  

Our Products: Blocks

Big Creek operates quarries on about 350 company-owned acres; consequently, Big Creek quarries should produce buff limestone for decades to come. Big Creek quarries yield only buff colored limestone, no grey or variegated. Quarrying blocks is not an exact process and the size of blocks varies. Typical quarry blocks are about 7-9 feet long, 4-4.5 feet tall (also known as channel) and 2 – 4.5 feet wide. Our quarry yields some shorter lengths and lost-channel (roughback) blocks. Also, larger blocks may be quarried to order.

Blocks are supplied to fabrication mills, both locally and throughout the US and Canada, where they are processed into finished products. Some lower grade blocks are also used for signage and landscaping features. Blocks are sold by the net cubic dimensions of the block, and also based on color and grade.